Monday, February 27, 2012


I am continually amazed at the energy I get when surrounded by positive people.  It's so uplifting, inspiring and makes me want to be more positive.  Sharing good news, doing a good deed, small kind words, sharing; all these things breed contentment.

Early morning sunrise: Winter 2012
{view from my bedroom}

Sunday, February 26, 2012


I spent some time this weekend watching the show called, "Hoarders".  So sad and unreal how terrible this disease can be.  People with major mental disorders, who somehow end up in an awful situation.  I thought the psychological component was particularly interesting.  The attachment to things...and the anxiety created by stuff.  It makes me ready to purge and clean this house all the more.  Keeping things simple makes sense to me...and giving everything a place.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

on the other side

She's been asking for curly hair for some time.  We tried using the iron, but alas, her hair is bone straight and held the curl for a brief time.  So tonight I sat on the other side of the tissue curling.  I remember sitting in the blue plastic sticker covered chair in Hilltop, while on the eve of nearly every holiday, my mom set our hair.  

She was so excited and we were both surprised how long it took and how many tissues I rolled up.  Can't wait to see the curls and smiles in the morning.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Give attention, pay attention, attend to, etc.  These thoughts were especially on my mind today.  I was reminded of the need to give it.  To certain young individuals in big and small ways.  I was reminded of the need for a soul to be attended to, or else it acts out...practically in desperation.  Thinking of ways to give attention in a positive and proactive way.  Lingering on my word, "focus".  Trying to zone in on one thing at a time takes practice for me anymore.  I try to multitask, much to my dismay most of the time.  The need to focus on one thing at a time is really necessary for me to truly attend to it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

the simple truth

I recently watched a TedTalks about positive energy and gratitude.  I liked the suggestions that the speaker made to retain more positive energy and how to sustain this.  He mentioned: journaling positive thoughts, random acts of kindness, meditation, sharing gratitude and exercise.  So simple, yet so effective.

On another note, I'm constantly being reminded of how quickly time passes.  An early spring?  Changing out the little onesies drawer and replacing them with big boy undies.  Little girly asking to email her friends.  Seventh birthday plans.  15 more Mondays until summer break.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Father/Daughter discussion about technology

I sat on the periphery and listened in.  There was talk about how technology is changing our brains, how we think, what we think about.  I heard mention of dopamine, delayed gratification and information.  He was sharing a lesson for his Sociology class and she wanted nothing more than to know what it was about.  I heard elated, "YES's" from him as she grasped complex concepts and immediately related them directly to her past 24 hours.  One day with a laptop of her own use and an email account; she instantly knows of what he will speak about in this lesson and the dynamics of it.  She loves to learn.  She teaches us so much.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Dreaming of Garden 2012

Garden 2009: Jules holding part of our carrot crop

Dreaming of a successful garden for this year.  Last year's was a dud due to the wet weather and late start.  This is a photo of Garden 2009 in late August...our first and most glorious.  I would like to research using heirloom seeds.  I have a greater investment in my cooking when I pull from the garden.  It's amazing what two small raised beds can yield.

Beginning Again

Time to start sharing photos and writing some stories again.