Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 in Photos | Week 2

This week flew by, although they always seem to.  Here's a glimpse of Week 2.

Day 8

Bedtime routine with JN

Day 8

Bedtime routine with JE
{always been a reader...just 5 more minutes}

Day 9
Nothing to report

Day 10

Glimpse of current day Kindi...up to my elbows in Gingerbread


Day 10 
(part 2)

Tuckered out from Terry's

Day 11

Snuggling with Mama

Day 11

So much can change in a heartbeat...we went from snuggles to full blown vomiting in seconds
{my poor little babe}


Day 12
Too busy cloroxing the house to take photos

 Day 13

Cheers to the stomach bug 

Day 14

Feeling grateful for health in my home and reminded of the fine line between health and sickness

Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 in Photos | Week 1

Day 1

Revived amaryllis loving JE's window


Day 2

Thinking of KK and this button garland before bed

Day 3

Yes it does keep me running

Day 3 (part 2)

My girl intently watching MW wrestle
{lip gloss, ahem}

Day 4

Friday Zumba

Day 5

Milk and cookies
{oatmeal chocolate chip}

Day 6

Sunday morning snuggle

Day 7

Beanbag finally arrived and is being enjoyed