Sunday, March 4, 2012


The past week has been full of activity.  I'm always amazed at how quickly Sunday night rolls around.  It makes me sad.  I want the weekends to go slower.  Some things I want to remember:
*How appreciative I am of of my children's health.  It's heartbreaking when they are sick.
*Delivering cupcakes to my curly haired girl at school.  Getting to make the rounds with her on PJ and Dr. Seuss Day to deliver 2 dozen cupcakes to all the special people in her life at school.  Thankful for all those who treat her like gold at school.
*Waking up to my family in my home.  So grateful for the effort they make to come up and spend time with us.  It's truly a gift.
*Making homemade pizza's for Jules' birthday.  Eating delicious homemade cake with pink marshmallow frosting.  Thankful for family that can walk over.
*Seeing the excitement on my girl's face.  Hearing her say, "I'm so happy I could skip to the bus!"
*Time at the farm.  Sharing special places with those I love.  Eating delicious meals grown locally.  Thinking about how good it feels to be close to the earth.
*Watching my babes' friends party with her.  SO MUCH FUN.  Perfect party for her.  Love that I could sit back and watch this year.
*Sad to take my family back to the airport so quickly.
*Dreaming about small plans to make our space so much better.

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