Monday, March 5, 2012


Parenting brings with it so much diversity and depth of emotion.  Some days it is easy and natural and full of love.  Others not so much.  A friend of mine recently mentioned to me that our oldest children have hit the "age of reason".  It really resonated with me.  And there are days that I am ashamed that I take for granted the wisdom and depth of understanding that my oldest possesses.  Being a mother is most certainly a gift, and I have so much more to learn.  Sometimes a sincere apology, a kiss and some ice cream makes the horrid parenting moments all better.  I was so touched by this TedTalks on gratitude.

I wanted to also remember the hilariousness of my little guy eating a piece of floppy pizza this weekend.  It was so funny, we were all in tears.  He was trying to get the end of a long piece of pizza in his mouth and couldn't do it.  The more he laughed, the more we did too.  It felt really good.

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